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Just as there are little tricks to increase success, you should also pay attention to hidden Tinder traps that can endanger the intended date. Mizrahi also has some important rules at hand for this best sites to find sex. Children should never be seen in the photos. Even if you want to be as authentic as possible, it's a no-go. Nobody wants to see the potential partner's offspring before the first date. The same applies to men in women photos and women in men profiles. Mizrahi is convinced that seeing best friends from the opposite sex severely limits the chances of success. Of course, the profile pictures should be up to date. By the way, the worst thing the top Tinder boy can imagine are wedding photos of users who are now separated. Speaking of wedding pictures: the risk of meeting a user who has long been under the hood is much higher than one might think. Researchers at the Fresenius University in Cologne took a closer look at the users of the dating app. Under the direction of Professor Wera Aretz, they interviewed a total of 436 members. Only 58 percent of those surveyed said they were single, the remaining 42 percent were in a relationship.

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